Connect the people you work with to your Google Drive account with GoFileDrop

Let your website visitors upload files to your Google Drive account, simply embed the GoFileDrop upload tool on any web page or use the ready made web page and your visitors can securely upload files to a Google Drive folder you specify.

How? - Use your free secure hosted web page or embed the upload tool on your own website with just a few lines of HTML code and you are up and running, works with any Google Account.

Why? - There are many scenarios in which our customers are using GoFileDrop on their web sites here are a few examples:

  • Financial Organisations need to receive sensitive documents in a secure and organized process
  • Printing companies need to receive files too large for email
  • Educational institutions wanting to receive project work and file it for review
  • Patent Organisation need to receive patent application documents securely
  • Community Organisations wanting to receive photos and documents directly from their website

Don’t have a website? - No problem GoFileDrop provides you with a secure hosted web page to receive files

Watch the video below to see how it works

GoFileDrop provides "File Drop" functionality for Google Drive. 

With GoFileDrop you can now let the people you work with securely "Drop" files directly into your Google Drive account. 

To add GoFileDrop to your Gmail account click here you simply authorize GoFileDrop to work with your Gmail account, the installation process takes about 30 seconds!

Think of GoFileDrop as a mailbox (or post box if you are in Europe) to your Google Drive account, the sender has NO ACCESS to your Google account, files deposited in your account are only accessible to you as the owner.

When files are "dropped" in your Google Drive account via GoFileDrop you will receive an email which allows you to directly open the file in your Google Drive account.

To install GoFileDrop for your Google Apps Domain visit the Google AppsMarketplace, you will be up and running in under 2 minutes...

Once installed simply click the more option in your Gmail menu and select GoFileDrop

This will open your GoFileDrop admin page, from here you can grab a link to your GoFileDrop web page, simply share your GoFileDrop web page link with anyone you want to allow to securely send files directly to your Google Drive account.