Works seamlessly with Google Drive

A "post / mail box" to your Google Drive account, the uploader has no access to your Google Drive account.

Website Integration

Easily embed the upload tool on YOUR website or use your unique page. Files uploaded by your customers are stored in your Google Drive.

Facebook integration

Add the GoFileDrop upload tool to your Facebook Page. Take a conversation from typing to face-to-face by starting a TheSaaS voice or video call in any Channel or Direct Message.

Large Files

GoFiledrop handles files up to 2000 Megabytes! Add the GoFileDrop upload tool to your Facebook Page. Easily receive files too large for email.


Uploads use an encrypted channel. GoFileDrop uses the same encryption as credit card purchases for file uploads.


Simple, Elegant and Secure

You are in control

Use your dedicated upload page to receive files from your clients. Brand your upload page with your own logo and name or embed the upload tool on your own website. You can also easily capture custom fields along with the files using our "form builder" tool. Want different customers files to show up in separate folders... no problem.


Get started in minutes

Getting up and running with GoFileDrop takes only a couple of minutes, simply authorise the Application to work with your Cloud Storage in a few clicks and you can start receiving files immediately. Branding the Application with your own logo and name is also easily configured.


Scales with your organisation

GoFileDrop can be used with a single Gmail or Dropbox account or be rolled out to an entire organisation. To use GoFileDrop in your organisation install it from the Google Apps Marketplace. To use GoFileDrop with a single Gmail account click here


Purchase GoFileDrop Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew each month, annual subscriptions renew each year. Cancel at any time by emailing



14 day trial !

All the features of a professional subscription
No credit card required


$ 12.99


Number of users:
A secure upload page for each user branded with your company logo - receive large files - capture user data - embed on your website - embed on your Facebook page.

Get started


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

How much does GoFileDrop cost?

Absolutely! We work with top payment companies which guarantees your safety and security. All billing information is stored on our payment processing partner which has the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

To get the most out of GoFileDrop you need a professional plan subscription please click here for current price information

There are discounts available for educational / non profits and buying multiple licenses for your organization please contact us with your license requirements for a quotation.

You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged next month. You will continue to have access to your account until your current subscription expires.

We are frequently releasing updates to GoFileDrop to improve the Application, to stay up to date with the latest features you can download the user manual below:

User Manual

When you have subscribed to a professional GoFileDrop plan there is no limit to the amount of people that can send you files.

When you sign up for a GoFileDrop subscription your card will be charged each month for the service.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply emailing

You can append a folder name to your GoFileDrop link and this will place files uploaded with that link in the specified folder. Here is how to use it:
If your GoFileDrop link was
and you wanted files uploaded via this link to be placed in a folder called insurance you would modify your url link as below:
so you are simply appending &folder=foldername to your standard GoFileDrop link.
This functionality works with all editions of GoFileDrop and also works if you have GoFileDrop embedded on your website.

GoFileDrop can be used with a single Gmail account or be installed for an organisation to use from the Google Apps Marketplace.

To use GoFileDrop in your organisation install it from the Google Apps Marketplace.

To use GoFileDrop with a single Gmail account install it by clicking here

Installing GoFileDrop "authorises" the application to work with Google Drive, to do this you will be asked to click a link to allow GoFileDrop to work with your Google Drive account. The procedure is different depending if you are installing the Application to work with your companies Google Apps account or to work with your personal Gmail account. Just follow the instructions at the appropriate link above.

Once installed, login to the Application and you will see the settings interface, here you can change settings such as your company logo and the name to be displayed to people sending you files.

  1. To receive files click the "Receive Files" tab
  2. Click the button called "Email me a link to my GoFileDrop page"
  3. Forward this email to the people you would like to securely upload files to your GoFileDrop folder in Google Drive.
  4. You can also embed your GoFileDrop upload tool on your own website or a Facebook page you manage, just click the appropriate tab in your settings interface.

There are various "ready made" links that you can use to receive files from clients - these can capture data such as name, email, notes etc along with the files being uploaded, however sometimes you need to capture data that is more specific to your business for this you use our form builder tool.

Using the form builder you can drag and drop the custom field names and types onto your form and publish this link, to use the form builder login to GoFileDrop and click on "Capture custom fields".

NO - one of the powerful features of GoFileDrop is that you can easily exchange files with people who do NOT have a Google account.

All people need to work with you is a web browser and an Internet connection - and that's it!

For all support enquiries please click the "Get Support" button below.

Get Support User Manual